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Udyapan of Wednesday fast in english (Step by Step)

Wednesday Fast Vrat Vidhi and katha in English

Material for worship (pujan samagree) :-  • Rice/Akshat ( unbrokable rice coloured with red colour)
  • Earthern pot (Filled with pure water and mis some drops of ganga jal)
  • Statue or Picture of God Shankar or Budh Dev
  • Bronzeware/ bronze plate
  • Water
  • Dhoop
  • Lamp (with the four faces)
  • Holy water/Ganga Jal
  • Flower
  • Scent
  • Sandalwood
  • Sweets
  • Molasses
  • Rice (cooked)
  • Curd

Importance of Wednesday fast

Wisdom, Voice and Business are three main pillars of Human beings life, which totally depend on the compassion of BUDH Dev. Wednesday fast increase wisdom of man. This fast has specially keep developing and getting success in business. It also removes obstacles of downtown .Those people who’s mercury planet has less powerful and can’t not gave best result as per horoscope , have to keep Wednesday fast and get benefitted with BUDH dev.

Method of Wednesday Fast /Wednesday Vrat Vidhi

People should do the Wednesday fast to calm their mercury with all pleasures. You have to take food only once in a day during Wednesday fast. It is best to use green colored materials during fast. Devotees should worship God Shankar. Then listen Wednesday vratkatha followed by aarati and distribute prasad to present people. This fast should be started from first Wednesday of shukla paksh (darker fortnight). You should keep at least 21 vrat of this fast. It increases your wisdom, knowledge, business and removes your mercury planet related problems.
As per AGNI PURAN, you should start this fast only from that Wednesday which falls with vishakha star and keep minimum 7 fast continuously. Purportedly first of all you should do the worship of God Ganesh followed with navgrah pujan before starting of this fast. You should also read Bhagwat Mahapuran during this fast.
It is good to start this fast from first Wednesday of darker fortnight (Shukla Paksh). Devotee has to wake up early in the morning do daily-routine, keep the house clean and take bath to clean the body. You must use some drops of holy river (Gangajal) in your bath-tub to be pure. Wear clean and green cloth. Sprinkle some drops of holy water in whole house.

Wednesday vrat rituals complete in three step worship :- Morning,Evening and After Sunset .
Morning Worship;-
Make 8 petal led lotus flower with rice and kept earthern pot filled with water on it. Place the statue of God Shankar or Budh dev in bronzeware or plate made up with bronze on earthern pot. Devotees should do the worship of God Shankar or Budh Dev with all the puja materials. Light the lamp with ghee, offer sandalwood, do tilak with roli, offer clothes, flower and sweets followed with prayer of Budh Dev with following mantra :-
Budh Tvan Buddhijanko Bodhadah Sarvadaa Nrinaam
Tatvaavabodhan Kurushe Somaputr Namo Namah
बुध त्वं बुद्धिजनको बोधद: सर्वदा नृणाम्।
तत्वावबोधं कुरुषे सोमपुत्र नमो नम:॥
Keep fast till evening. Again do all the rituals of worship followed listen vrat katha and aarati.
After sunset,you should have to offer dhoop followed with molasses,rice and curd as a bhog to Budh Dev or God Shiva. Distribute this offering among all the present people and yourself.
Devotees should have to wear green clothes or green colour ornaments too pleased Budh Dev. You can also worship statue of God Shiva if Statue of Budh Dev is not available. You should keep fast for a whole day, do evening puja and offer bhog after sunset. Take meal ONE TIME in a day i.e. after sunset. Devotees have to offer food to at least one Brahman in the evening and also give dakshina as per capacity before take meal to him / her. Never break your fast in the middle. Never speak or left mid of vrat katha .Never left worship place without having prasad distribution. Donate green vegetables, clothes or flowers to needy people and Brahman in this fast. Take curd, moong dal halwa and sweets made up with green vegetables during this fats. Only take sweets, salt is prohibited during fast.

Benefits of Wednesday Fast

People filled up with peace, wealth and prosperity by keeping the Wednesday fast. Goddess Lakshmi also fulfilled all the desires of devotees.

Story of Wednesday Fast Start - Page1/11

Once upon a time a moneylender went to his in-laws house to depart his wife. He asked to his in-laws to depart his wife after staying there for some time. But his in-laws and relatives denied to depart and told – “Son! Today is Wednesday.
People don’t travel for any auspicious work on Wednesday. ” But Moneylender did not consider and depart his wife by stubbornly towards his city on Wednesday. Her wife feels thirsty on the way, so she told to moneylender that she is very thirsty please arrange water to drink. Moneylender takes down from wagon with pot to bring some water. When he returns back with water, he surprised to see that his wife and clown of moneylender sitting in wagon.
Moneylender reached to his wagon quickly and asked indignantly to another man - “Who are you and why are you sitting with my wife?” Another man replied to moneylender – “O brother! She is my wife. I came from my in-laws house to depart my wife. But who are you to ask such type of question from me? ”
Both strove among themselves. State police seen the battle between two people and ask to moneylender’s wife – “Who is your real husband?” She keep quiet, because she already very confused to see moneylender and another man ? Moneylender prayed to god and murmured – “O God! What’s freak that truth is becoming false.”

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