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Thursday Vrat Vidhi, Katha and Udyapan Vidhi in Hindi

Devotees should take meal once in a day on Thursday Fast. Meal should be made up with yellow gram pulse or gram pulse flour and ripe yellow fruit. Don’t take salt during fast. Wear yellow clothes on this day. Offer yellow sandalwood to God. Do the worship with love and devotion of Brihaspati Maharaj and read story. At least one person should be available to listen the story of Thursday Fast. Never speak a word or stand in middle of story of Thursday fast. People get all the desirables items through this fast, Brihsaptai Maharaj get pleased and provide wealth, son, wisdom and prosperity. Peace and happiness comes in family. It is most beneficial and fruitful fast for men and women. Banana tree should be worship in this fast. People should have to pray whatever their need with pure mind, heart and voice during worship .One should have to determined that Brihaspati Dev will definitely accept her/his prays and fulfills the desired things.
Material for worship (pujan samagree) :- • Statue of Vishnu Jee
• Banana Tree
• Yellow Flower
• Gram Pulse
• Molasses
• Raisins
• Turmeric Powder
• Camphor
• Water
• Dhoop
• Earthern Lamp
• Ghee

Thursday Fast Udyapan Vidhi

Story of Thursday Fast Start

There was a king in India.He was big majestic and charitable.He was always helping poor and Brahmans. Her queen doesn’t like the charitable nature of his king.She neither give charity to poor, nor do worship and always told king to deny charity.One day the King went to forest for hunting and Queen were alone at palace.At same time,Brihaspati Dev came, as a form of saint ,to palace and ask for alms. Then Queen denied and told- “O Saadhu Maharaj! I get disturb with this charity and vows.My husband always spend money.My desire is to lost our wealth and I can live peacefully.Saint told-“Hey Devi, you are very strange.Everyone needs money and son.Even Sinner needs son and wealth too. If you have enormous wealth, then feed hungers,dug well,donate Brahmans,open dharmshala for travelers.Made marriage arrangements for poor girls.There are so many works to do which made you famous from earth to heaven. ”But, Queen had no impact of his lesson. She said- “Maharaj, you don’t try to teach me.I don’t want such wealth ,which lost my whole time by distributing and keeping.” Saint replied-“If you desire like this,then Tathastu! Slake your home from dung on wash your hair,gave your clothes to washerman,told king to shave, take liquor and non-vegetarian meal on Thursday.If you do all these mentioned work,then all your wealth will be destroyed.” Saint disappeared after saying this.Queen did all the work as described by the Saint. Their all wealth destroyed and they were starved for food both time at the the end of six Thursday. They lived with miserable worldly pleasures. Then the King said to Queen that you stay here and I went to another country because everyone knows me here.So,I can’t do other work.It is said that steal in country is equal to beg in foreign country.King went to another country for work.

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Thursday Fast Udyapan Vidhi

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