Sunday fast Udyapan Vidhi in English

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Sunday fast Udyapan Vidhi in English(Step by Step)

Sunday Fast Method

Sunday, the day of Surya, is dedicated for the worship of god Surya. People get desired result to worship God Surya with all rituals. According to Narad Puran, Sunday Fast supposed to remove all sin, provide health and auspicious benefits. People suffer with various disease and illness due to the wrath of God Surya. So, every man & women should have to do worship and Surya- Namaskar in the morning. “Suryashashti” or “Chhath” festival celebrates on 6th day of waxing moon(shukla Paksh) in whole north India. Many people keep fast and do worship of god Surya by offering water on that day.

Puja Material:- (Pujan Samagri)

Statue of Sun (made up with copper)
Oleander Flower
Red Sandalwood
Red Cloth
Red gulaal
Seasonal Fruit
Akshat (unbreakable rice washed seven times)

Sunday Fast Vidhan

The fast of Suryanarayan begins on waxing moon (shukla paksha) of aashwin month. One should start Sunday fast on first Sunday of waxing moon in aashwin month. Devotees should have to keep fast whole day and do worship of God Surya before sunset. Clean the house and worship room.Place the statue of god surya in worship room. Do the worship with flower, dhoop, gulaal and roli. Offer cloth ,fruits, sweets and light the lamp. Do the havan with molasses and ghee at the end of the worship. Do not take salt, citric or sour and oily food items. Devotees should have to do worship upto 5 years in similar way.Devotees should have to left to take one grain in each year in following manner – millet in first year, wheat in second year, gram in third year, benni seed in fourth year and black gram in fifth year. Invite 15 Brahmans and arrange small feast for them. Give all these grains (in 12 kg proportion of each) and money as a dakshina to Brahman at the end of the fast.

Sunday Fast Method

Sunday fast is better to fulfill all desired wish.Wake up early in the morning,do your daily routine,take bath and wear clean cloth.Offer water to god Sun and worship with dhoop, akshat, sandalwood, flower etc. Read or listen the story of Sunday fast. Keep fast for the whole day and take food or fruits before sunset. Break your fast after worship. Do not take oily, salty and citric food items during fast. Offer water to god Sun next day morning, and then ate. One should do the worship and fast of god Sun up to five years and then do the Udyapan. Devotees, who did the fast and worship of God Sun, get all the facilities in their life and get Surya Lok after end of the life

Sunday Fast Story Starts

Once upon a time Sages Durvasa had a desire to met Dwarkadheesh Shree Krishna in Dwapar yug.He could not be able to kept his desire and reached Dwarka city.Shree Krishna received him with full hospitality and take him in the palace. Shree Krishna had started a discussion with sages after meal. Shree krishna’s son Shamb came during the discussion and began to ridicule the sage. Short tempered Sage Durvasa had sitting in calm mood due to the behavior of Shree Krishna and do not bother with shamb’s action .But Sages became annoyed by Shmab’s second attempt to make him ridicule. He instantly cursed Shamb to be leper. Sages met with Narad during returning from Dwarkapuri. He explained everything to Narad and sent messages to Shree Krishna about this. Shree Krishna went to find Sage when he get message from Narad about the incident.

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Monthly method of Surya Worship

Chaitra- It is best to take Baked bread(puri) ,halwa(pudding) as sweets, kheer (rice cooked with milk and sugar) and give as a dakshina during this fast in Chaitra month.
Baishakh- Offer and give dakshina sweets (made up with black gram) in Baishakh month. Milk is the best option to take during fast.
Jyesth- Curd,gram flour (sattu),rice etc is the good to offer, take as a food and also donate in Jyestha month .
Aashadh - Curd, beaten rice (poha) and seasonal fruit should take ,donate and offer in this month.
Shravan – One should offer laddu - baked bread as a Prasad to God Sun in shravan month. Offer pancake (malpua) as a food and give laddu as dakshina to Brahman.
Bhadrapad – It is perfect to take, offer and donate sweet made up with ghee, rice and sugar iin this month.
Aashwin- Offer laddu made up with gram flour as a Prasad to god Surya. Donate kheer (rice cooked with milk and sugar) and eat laddu as a food during fast.
Kaartik – Take and offer different types of pudding & fondants in this month. Donate cow if possible otherwise money as per your capacity.
Maargsheersh/Aghahan – offer sweet rice as a Prasad, donate molasses-benni seed and eat laddu made up with benni seed is best in this month.
Paush – Do the worship of god Sun to offer rice and green lentil. One should donate ghee and eat kheer-baked bread.
Maagh – Take, offer and donate churama, milk cream and porpoise in this month.
Phalgun- It is perfect to offer gujiya (condensed milk and sugar filled in white flour and fries) and rusk (mathari) as a Prasad, donate Khaja (sweets made up with white flour and sugar) and eat laddu ( made up with bundi)
God Sun gives compassion on those people who worship God Sun with prescribed method.

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