Seven Days Fast (Monday to Sunday)

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Udyapan of Saturday fast in english (Step by Step)⇒

Importance of Sataurday Fast

Acoording to Agni Puran, One should start Saturday fast from Saturday which falls on main planet i.e. Saturn and do the fast of God Saturn continuously to seven week. To keep fast and worship of god Saturn is a best method to get wealth, prosperity, peace from troubles and Saturn planet in cosmic life. Saturday fast with dedication and devotion is the best result oriented method .It removes all the worldly problems. All the troubles related to Saturn planet become removed. People get longevity, wealth, prosperity and happiness.
Saturn is the god of all industries, business, machineries goods, metal industries, irons, all iron goods, black benniseed, black goods, black animals, black living beings, drought, accidental death, fear of illness, wealth loss, fear of theft, jail, fear of police, kidney related diseases, gamble, lottery, natural calamity, sudden loss and all the criminal works. Generally every men and women has to go through the impact of Shani Dev in their life.
Worship of God Saturn is the only one preclusion for the removal of Saturn planet related troubles. It can be done by any men or women. You can start Shanidev fast from any Saturday. It gives more benifit and immediate effect to start Saturday fast from any Saturday of hindi’s shravan month.

Puja Method for Saturday Fast

You should always request with devotion in mind to God Saturn for the removal of troubles. Devotees should wake up early in the morning, take bath and offer water to Dev, Sages and ancestors. Should make chancel under peepal or shami tree and smear it with cow dung.
After that offer penta honey dew for bath to statue of Saturn, make a 24-petaled lotus flower with black rice and placed god Shani Dev on it. Do the worship with devotion and offer black dhoop, flowers, sweets and light lamp with oil To God Shani Dev. Now chant all 10 names of God Saturn – 1. Konasth, 2.Pingla, 3.Babhru, 4.Krishne, 5.Raudratako, 6.Yam, 7.Sauri, 8.Shanaishchar, 9.Mand, 10.Pippalaa
After that do the worship of Peepal or Shami tree. Offer dhoop, flower, sindoor, sweets and light the lamp. Then cirvumbulate 7 times to the tree by enwrapping the tree with rope yarn and chant “Om Sham Shanishcharay Namah” .Chant it continuously as many times as you can. Do the worship before Sunrise. After that read and hear/ listen the Story of Shanidev fast. Offer dakshina and black binnseed, barley, molasses, black gram, iron, oil and black clothes to story teller as per your capacity. Offer aarati to God Shani Dev on iron lamp with oil. Distribute the Prasad to all present people. Devotees should have to eat rice of black gram and curd on first Saturday. Offer kheer( rice cooked with milk and sugar) to God Shani Dev and take self as a prasad on second Saturday. Offer Khaja (sweet made up with maida and sugar) to Shani Dev and take self on third Saturday. And Offer baked bread (puri) and ghee to God and also take self as a Prasad on last Saturday. Devotees should have to take meal only once in a day before sunset.
Those devotees who do the worship of God Shanni Dev with full devotion and rule will get rid off from all their troubles & poverty and get longevity, wealth ,prosperity ,child and grandchild too.
Shani Dev became calm and provides compassion to those who do the Shani dev fast with devotion. Simultaneously, Shani Dev Fast method is also beneficial and best result oriented for troubles related to Rahu and Ketu planets.

Puja Materials:- for Saturday Fast

Penta honey dew (panchamrit- mixture of milk,curd,sugar,honey and ghee)
Rice (colour it black)
Cow dung
Soil( to make chacel)
Black dhoop
Flower (better to take black flower)
Iron lamp
Earther lamp
Mustard/Benni seed Oil
Rope yarn

Story of Saturday Fast Start

At once, there was a discussion started between all the nine planets that who is bigger among all. So, they all went to the assembly of Devraj Indra, King of god, and said - “O King of God, You will have to decide that who is bigger among us?” Indra get puzzled after listen the question of gods. So, he suggested them to go with their question to King Vikramaditya on earth land. All reached at the assembly of King Vikramaaditya at earthland. King Vikramaditya also get puzzled after hearing the question of Gods, because all the planets were great with their power. So, to say one big and other small get harmed by rest of the planets’ displeasure. Suddenly,King Vikramaditya had an idea in mind and he made 9 chair from 9 different materials i.e. gold,silver,copper,bronze,glass,zinc, galena,mica and iiron.He placed all the chair in his assembly,gold placed in front and iron at last. He called all gods to take their sit.He said- Please take your sit whichever is yours.all the god’s seat arranged as per their position. Who will get first seat is the biggest among all and who will get last is the smallest among all.

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Shani Dev Fast Method for the calmness of the problems related to Rahu and Ketu:-

Make iron statue of Shani dev, glass statue of Rahu and Ketu.Mediate and worship Shani Dev as a black colour,black attired,Bhand form, loop and Akshmaladhari stand on glass chariot of 8 black horses. Mediate Rahu situated at indigo colored pulpit in as a form of macabre black face attired with sword,leather and spike.And also mediate Ketu splendid at vulture as a smoked coloured along with mace, perseus, sword etc. Prepare the statue of all three planets in above described form for the worship.Apart from this,people can also made rounded statue. Make 24-petaled lotus from black coloured rice.Placed God Shani in the middle of thee lotus.Place Rahu at right side and Ketu at left side of Shani Dev.Mix saffron in red-blooded sandalwood and make ‘ black scent’ .Mix lampblack in rice and make black rice.Mix black flower of Kakamachi,Kaglahar, and musk to make blck dhoop. Mix black benni seed to make black sweets for Prasad.After that do the prayer to all three planets Dev with following prayer
“ Shanaishcharah Namastubhyan Namaste tvath Raahave.
Ketaveth Namastubhyan Sarv Shanti Prado Bhavah”

One should do the fast and worship upto seven Saturdays continuously with devotion and regulation. Offer havan to Shani Dev with timber of Shami tree by chanting Shani Mantra.Offer havan to Rahu by chanting Rahu mantra with bunch of panicum. And also do the havan for Keetu by chanting Ketu Mantra with mixture of black millet, ghee and benni seed .All the havan should be offer to 108 times. Do the dakshina and charity and offer food to Brahman as per capcity. By this way, people get health, wealth, prosperity, longevity by get rid off their all troubles related to Rahu, Ketu and Saturn to keep fast and worship of Shan Dev. One should do the udyapan of Saturday fast after completion of desired wish and removal of sadness and illness. Invite 7 brahman and feed them. So, People get all the desired wish and removal of their poverty and illness by keeping Saturday fast with devotion and regulation.

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