Seven Days Fast (Monday to Sunday)

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महाशिवरात्री पूजन विधि, व्रत विधि एवं कथा (Mahashivaratri Pujan Vidhi, Vrat Vidhi and Katha) (24th February, 2017)

Importance of Friday Fast

Santoshi Mata, daughter of Shree Ganesh and Mother Riddhi-Siddhi, benedicts all worshipper of the world. She fulfills her devotees’ house with enormous wealth and prosperity which develop the wealth of ‘satisfaction’ to those men and women who do the fast and read or hear the story of Santoshi Mata. Business gets benefit from double to fourfold with day and night. Grief-fatality destroys and Man enjoys his life without tension. Unmarried girl gets suitable partner by keep Santoshi Mata fast with full rituals and take gram-molasses as Prasad. Married women get intact wifehood. Issueless blessed with child. All the desire fulfills in life by keeping Santoshi Mata fast.

Puja Method for Friday Fast

Santoshi Mata fast keep on Friday. Wake up before sunrise, take bath, and do worship of Santoshi Mata at temple. Keep one pot as kalash , filled with clean, pure water at worship place. Place one plate on the kalash filled with molasses and fried .Light lamp with ghee. Do the worship with roli, dhoop, flower etc. Distribute Gram and molasses to all the available people at the time of worship. Everyone should keep the Gram and molasses in their hand at the time of narration of story. Read or hear Santoshi Mata story in front of the statue of santoshi Maata. All presented people speak loudly with “Santoshi Mata Ki jay” at end of the story and feed that molasses and gram to cow. Distribute molasses and gram from plate which placed at kalash as Prasad to all present people and children. Sprinkle the water of kalash at each side of house. Pour rest of the water in basil plant.

Udyapan Vidhi for Friday Fast

Never use citric items/food during Santoshi Mata Fast. It is beetter not to use any sour food, fruit on Friday at home. When you get your desired wishes with compassion of Santoshi Mata, you must have to do Udyapan of this fast. Make Fried bread (puri), Halwa, rice pudding (kheer) & chana greens (chana saag) in the Udyapan of Santoshi Mata Vrat. Do not use citrus /acid in any food items. Do the worship of Santoshi Mata by light ghee lamp on day of Udyapan. Offer aarati to Santoshi Mata and distribute chana-molasses as Prasad to all. Sprinkle the water of kalash in everywhere at home. Invite 5 or 7 or 9 boys (boys age should be below 9yrs) from neighborhoods for small feast. You can also invite Brahman boys for this feast. Offer them some sweet fruits as a Dakshina to all invited boys. Do not give citrus /sour fruit. Get promise from all the boys that they will not take any citrus items on that day. Devotees should take meal once a day.

Puja Materials:- for Friday Fast

Earthern Lamp,
Earthern pot as a kalash,
Gram (Fried gram),
Statue or picture of Santoshi Mata,

Story of Santoshi Mata Start

There was an old lady, she had seven sons. Her 6 sons were earning while 7th younger son was worthless. She prepared food for all six sons and feed them. She gave leftovers food to her seventh son. One day 7th son told to his wife- Look, How much my mother loved me. His wife replied- “Why not, she feeds you leftovers food of others”. He told- “It is not possible. I could not believe on this unless I see with my eyes” Wife said with smile- “Let’s seen, then believe”
There was a festival after some time .Seven types of food and laddu had made at home. He wanted to find the truth. So, he complained for a headache and slept in a kitchen by covered his body with thin cloth. He looked all from cloth. Six brothers came to food. He saw, Mother laid beautiful mat, served various food items and urged them to eat. He had been looking. All six brothers finished their meal and went. Mother had collected pieces of laddu from leftovers food and made laddu. She cleaned the wastes and called him – “Son, All of your six brothers had finished their lunch, only you had left. When will you eat?” He replied- “Mother, I do not eat. Now, I am going to foreign country. ” Mother said- “If going tomorrow, you must go today.” He told- “Yes, I am going today.” He went out of the house after saying this.

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