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Udyapan of Monday fast in english (Step by Step) ⇒

16 Monday Fast Vrat Vidhi and katha in English

People should do the 16 Monday fast with great devotion.
Take half Kg wheat flour, fried it in ghee and mix molassess in it. Divide this flour into three parts. This called as Prasad or anga.
Now worship the god shiva with light, sweets, pungifal, bel part, Dhatura, cabbabiis, sandalwood, akshat, flowers and jal.
One part of Prasad offerd to God Shiva. Rest two part has to distribute as a Prasad and take you also.
Do the same puja vidhi till the 16th Monday.
Take 150 gm wheat flour and make Baati on 17th Monday, mix ghee and molassess in it and make choorama. Distribute this Prasad in all the present people.

Imporatance and Procedure of Monday fast

Devotees can start Monday fast on any Monday of chaitra, vaishakh, saawan , margsheersh and kartik month. Saawan month is the most auspicious month to start Monday fast. According to Bhavishya puraan the most beneficial day to start Monday fast is the 8th day of waxing moon (shukla paksh ) in chaitra month with aadraa nakshatra. Monday fast gave the virtuous benefit similar to do the rituals, worship and charity at the time of moon or sun eclipse. It is believed that it gave us different virtuous benifits in different month. Chaitra month Monday fast gave us virtuous benifit similar to holy water bath (ganga snaan ), Vaishaakh month similar to bestowing( kanya dan), Jyeshth month similar to pushkar river bath ,Aashaadh month similar to oblation fruit (yagya phal), Saawan month similar to horse sacrifice rituals, Bhaadrapad month similar to cow donation, aashvin month similar to bath at kurushetra’s pond at the time of sun eclipse, kartik month similar to donation and charity of scholar people, maargsheersh month similar to bath of holy river in kaashi , maagh month similar to do worship of god brahma after bath of milk and sugarcane juice and phalgun month similar to cow donation.

Monday fast is generally held till afternoon, it means you can break your fast in the evening. There are three types of Monday fast – every monday, Saumya pradosh fast and 16 Monday fast .All these three Monday fast have same proccedure but story for all these three Monday fast is different.

According to naarad puraan, devotees have to wake up early in the morning, take bath and dress up with clean cloth on the Monday, then offer pure water to God Shiva and do the worship of Guari-Shiva idol followed by listening or telling the story of Monday fast. Devotees can take foo , fruit and fruit juice only one time during fast.

According to Agni puran, Devotees can get all types of luxury, if they start Monday fast coagulated with chitra nakshatra. Sixteen Monday fast is also gave desired virtuous benifit. It is believed that sixteen monday fast gave suitable match to unmarried people, especially for girl. Sixteen Monday fast is most powerful fast to get suitable match.

According to hindu mythology, monday is dedicated to God Shiva. Devotees get desired satiny by do the worship and prayer to God Shiva on Monday.

16 Monday fast Katha Start - Sixteen Somvaar Fast Story

॥ First Chapter ॥

Once upon a time God Shiva and Goddess Parvati came to earth to visit.They reached Amaravati City during their visit . The king of that city was a devotee of God Shiva.
He build a very huge temple of God Shiva and Parvati. God Shiva and Goddess Parvati loved that temple. Once upon a time Goddess Parvati and God Shiva stay at that same temple , and Goddess Parvati insisted God Shiva to play chausar. God Shiva ready to play chauser with Goddess Parvati. Before start to play ,Goddess Parvati asked to Priest of the temple that who will win the game. Priest replied without thought that God Shiva will be the winner.
But Goddess Parvati won the chauser game. That’s why Goddess Parvati became angry on that priest because his word was wrong and she cursed him – “You spoken a lie so you will have to suffer with leprosy ” God Shiva tried to cool down Goddess Parvati but God Shiva could not be able to convinced her.
God Shiva and Goddess Parvati return back to Kailash hill. After some days priest suffered with leprosy in his full body . After a few days , some elfs came that temple to worship God Shiva and they found thee priest was in tremendous misery due to leprosy. They had pity on the priest and one of them asked to him - - “O Brahman Dev ! How you had this leprosy ? ” Then the preist replied with all the details which happened with him. Elf suggested him - “O Brahman Dev ! You had to start 16 Monday Vrat with all the rituals .That was the only method to get compassion of God Shiva and disappeared this leprosy”

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